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Managed Company! A consulting firm focused on Managing the Technology needs for your Company. Our services and solutions streamline your business process.

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Malawi Public Procurement Site

The Millennium Challenge Corporation & IBTCI used Managed Company to build Public Procurement Intranet portal. A resource for public procurement trainees in Malawi, Southern Africa.

App Development, Web Portal Jun. 22. 10

Google MINI Development

Planned, designed and customized GSA appliance for International Business and Technical Consultants, Inc. Integrated into their intranet, this solution curates locally hosted CV's for their staff.

Google Dev, Intranet App Dev Feb. 19. 10

STS Engineers online strategy

STS used Managed Company to develop and host their online presence. We provide STS a unified platform from their customer database to web hosting.

Managed eBiz, Branding June. 30. 10


"Great ability to balance strategic objectives with tactical needs in a tight budget environment. Combines hands-on expertise with planning & managing experience. A great leader for any team."

- Tim Clark VP, Solutions Delivery


Email Hosting and Co-location

Managed Exchange provides your office business-class Outlook email, SharePoint collaboration, and the latest in inter-office messaging.An efficient alternative to an in-house solution you save capital, you're scalable and you save on hiring an IT staff and energy costs.


Online Strategy Consulting

You can not improve what you do not measure.

From purchasing your domain name to staying relevant on the web, Managed Company offers services each step of the way, advising you to make the right decisions to stay competitive online.



Support options available: On-site, phone, email, knowledge base, support portal and wiki. Signup as a retainer client and we will embed a qualified technician or programmer within your organization.